A Complete Guide to Chicago City, Must-Visit Attractions 

Chicago, Must-Visit Attractions

Why Chicago, out of all places? If you are asking the same question, you can read the answers to all your questions here. It is a beautiful city in the Illinois state of the United States. Lake Michigan is located in this city and has the third largest population among United States cities. It has multiple beaches open to the public for free during summer; these beaches give visitors the best sunrise and sunset views.

Places to visit

It has been one of the favourite destinations of tourists; there are many attractions here which are worth visiting:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Millennium Park
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Cloud gate
  • Wrigley fields
  • Willis tower
  • Lincoln park zoo
  • Chicago Riverwalk
  • Beaches
  • Ravinia Festival
  • Charles Gates Dawes House

In all the places mentioned above, you can bring your family along with you to enhance your overall experience, and these places will help you make your trip memorable with a lot of fun, knowledge, excitement and laughter. 

Things you must know before visiting Chicago city

If you know all the tips and facts mentioned below before you visit Chicago city, then you could be able to enjoy your visit more:

  • Plan your trip for 4 to 5 days because it will take almost three days to visit all the highlights of this city. To explore every attribute without getting tired, you must try the delicious food from popular spots. That is why you must plan a 5-day long vacation to enjoy thoroughly.
  • Do not put ketchup on a hotdog; it sounds strange, but it’s true. According to the people here, ketchup is a copy of seven toppings. When all seven toppings ( mustard, onion, tomato, sports peppers, celery salt, pickle spear and sweet relish) are available on the hot dog, then ketchup is unnecessary.
  • Say no to driving in this busy city because the roads are fully packed with high traffic during peak hours and the entire day. So, stay away from driving to save your time and energy.
  • Try using the L train; this is the most favourable way of transportation in Chicago city because of its heavy traffic. Commuting by train will not only save you time but is also pocket-friendly.
  • Although smoking marijuana is not illegal, you can only smoke it in your home but seek permission from your landlord beforehand. Smoking pot in public places like bars, restaurants, roads, etc, is not acceptable.
  • Twenty-six beaches in Chicago city are open for free. You can bring your families and friends to beaches during summertime.

Hotels to stay

Book your hotels before your visit in the great hotels of Chicago that provide spacious rooms with the best room service. With comfortable beds and neat sheets, enjoy the lively view from your room. The range of hotels differs according to the hotels you are booking. 

You may have to pay more if you plan to spend some luxurious time in hotels in Chicago; otherwise, budget-friendly options are also available, which are no less expensive in terms of basic services. It’s just that they might not provide some additional options such as private pools, spa services, complimentary breakfast and snacks, etc.

Favourite Cuisines

You can find delicious food everywhere, and the variety of food you will find here will amaze you. There are numerous food outlets that serve tasty food in a neat and clean environment. But here is the list of a few selected dishes, along with the name of its restaurants which you must try when in Chicago city:

  • Ann Sather’s Cinnamon roll
  • Harold’s Chicken Shak’s fried chicken with mild sauce
  • Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago-style popcorn
  • Lou Malnati’s Chicago deep-dish pizza
  • Al’s Italian Beef’s Italian Beef Sandwich
  • The original Rainbow cone’s Rainbow cone
  • Lem’s Bar-B-Q’s Rib Tips

These deserve trying once, and they are very famous and lovable by the tourists and residents of Chicago. You must try it and get yourself lost in a delicious world.


What do you need to know when visiting Chicago?

It would help if you kept these few things in mind when visiting Chicago:

  • Don’t drive in Chicago’s heavy traffic
  • Plan for at least 4-5 days trip
  • Using the L train will cost less and is easily accessible.
  • Don’t put ketchup on hotdogs ever
  • Publicly smoking pot is not accepted
  • Along with your swimsuit, pack warm layers too.

What is Chicago, Illinois, best known for?

Chicago, Illinois, is famous for its hot dogs, special pizza, jazz music, 1920s gangsters, and good architecture, including museums and the Sears Tower. You can also find some sports fans who are devoted to the games. 

Why should you visit Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago is a stunning place and is home to 24 beaches. These beaches are free for the public and are open during the summers in Chicago city. The beauty of these beaches makes it a must-visit destination. Additionally, amusing green landscapes, iconic food, and many attractions attract tourists with their charm.

What are five interesting facts about Chicago?

Here are some interesting facts about Chicago city:

  • Chicago is famously recognized as the United State’s railroad capital.
  • The term Pedway is used for Chicago’s underground pedestrian system. It covers around 5 miles and connects 40 blocks.
  • It is the third largest city in the US, with over 2.7 million residents.
  • There are 77 community areas in Chicago city.
  • Chicago’s “city in a garden” was adopted in 1830.

What is Chicago popularly known as?

Chicago City has names like The Windy City, City by the Lake, Chi-town, Chicagoland and The Heart of America. 


Welcome to Chicago city, the heart of America; this place is full of attraction points where you can bring your families to enjoy and explore. This place has some great food to serve, which you will remember long after. This place can be difficult to drive due to high traffic, but this problem is solved by the railways, which take you to your destination in a limited time. 

Make reservations in their outstanding hotels beforehand to avoid any last-moment hassles and to make your stay comfortable. Don’t forget to try the exciting food there and add your name to the list of its fans. Visit this place with your loved ones to create happy and unforgettable memories.

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