Aeromexico Easter Sale 2024

Aeromexico Easter Sale 2024

Celebrate this Easter with some great discounts and deals on your flight with Aeromexico Airlines because they are coming up with an Aeromexico Easter Sale for all its valued passengers. This Sale will enable customers to book airline services at lower prices and fly to their favourite destination with no strain on their pockets.

Talk to the Aeromexico Airlines customer service representative. You will get connected with their talented agents, with whom you can consult regarding your queries regarding sales and discounts. There are a number of benefits a passenger can get from this Sale. To know more, you can read the information mentioned below.

How do you grab an Aeromexico Easter sale?

To avoid missing out on the Aeromexico Easter Sale, you can use the following methods to reach the airline customer service and other sources which will help you to be an informed customer:

Customer service number

Aeromexico offers different channels through which the passengers can get all the required information, but the best and most efficient way is by calling them on their number. Use the following methods to reach their customer care department:

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Look at the ‘Contact Us’ section, where you will find their helpline number.
  • Get your call connected to the agent.
  • And ask for all the information about the Sale and the discounts on the Sale.
  • You can also ask them to book the flight at the best price available for you.

Aeromexico Live Chat

If you couldn’t reach the agent through the call, then try reaching the assistance through the live chat option by trying the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico at
  • In the ‘Help’ or ‘Contact Us’ section, you can look for the option of ‘Live Chat’.
  • Clicking on the option, you will be able to get in touch with the chatbot.
  • On your chat, you can talk to the bot about your queries and issues.
  • The chatbot will try to help you the best it can.

Social media

Reaching social media platforms is considered one of the easiest ways to get in touch with the airline’s customer support team. If you have any general queries and want to get a solution, you can ask Aeromexico about it on their social media platforms. The Airlines will surely post updates about Aeromexico Easter sales and deals on their social media accounts. Here are some links that will help you connect with Aeromexico:

Subscribe to Newsletter

You can subscribe to Aeromexico Airlines to get all the latest news and updates about their Aeromexico Easter Sale and other discounts provided by the airlines. You just need to sign in with your email address and some personal details. The option to sign in is available on the official airline website.

Mobile app

You can install the Aeromexico mobile app to get handy assistance from their dedicated department. They occasionally post about their deals and offers on their mobile app.

Aeromexico Easter 2024 Sale Dates Released

Get ready to book your flights with Aeromexico this Easter because they are offering Aeromexico Easter Sale to all their passengers from 16 March 2024 to 31 March 2024. Every passenger is eligible for this Sale, and the amount and type of discount provided on their purchase depends on the fare type and the flight they choose.

This Sale is offering you a limited-time offer to book your flights to your favourite destination at affordable prices. This budget-friendly Sale helps airlines book a seamless journey with Aeromexico Airlines without paying the usual prices. Do not forget that there are many more offers and deals available on flight booking too.

Aeromexico Easter Sale Spotlight on Top Destinations

Aeromexico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico and the largest airline in the country too. They are flying to 89 different cities, and you will find a price difference in almost all these destinations during the Sale. But a few top destinations selected by Airlines on which they will offer the best of the best prices are mentioned below; selecting these destinations with Aeromexico during the Easter Sale can help you save a lot of money:

  • Mexico City: Mexico celebrates “Semana Santa” when the whole city comes alive with religious ceremonies and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Canada: Easter in Canada is celebrated with multicultural influences, featuring diverse traditions and many fun activities. The best elements of their Easter are Easter egg hunts, Maple syrup festivals and spring-themed activities.
  • Paris: What could be better than spending your Easter in the most beautiful destination where you could explore new places and cultures of the city? In addition to that, the springtime in Paris adds to its beauty.
  • Italy: Easter in Italy is celebrated with vibrant festivities, but the most unique way to celebrate it is by participating in “Scoppio del Carro” in Florence. In this, a cart is ignited and filled with fireworks in front of Duomo.
  • Tokyo: Easter in Tokyo is not widely celebrated because Christians are a minority class, but still, you can find small-scale events and easter-themed decorations in a vibrant spring season.

How do you get Cheap Easter Flights on Aeromexico?

Everyone loves to get a cheaper rate on their purchase. While booking a flight too, passengers like to get the best and cheapest prices. If you are an Aeromexico passenger, then you will be glad to know that Aeromexico is coming up with an Aeromexico Easter Sale, which will help you book a flight to your dream destination at a lower price. 

To get the cheap Easter Flights on Aeromexico, you can go through the tips mentioned below:

  • Book Early: Book your flight with Aeromexico as early as you can to maximize your chance to get the best deals on your flight purchase. You must check the availability of the flight and book it to seal the deal at the lowest prices possible.
  • Discount codes and coupons: Using the promo codes while booking your flight with Aeromexico can help you get the booking at cheaper prices.
  • Compare prices: Never forget to compare the prices for your flight on different sites and different platforms, which will enable you to judge the best cost available.
  • Flexible travel dates: Don’t make a rigid trip plan because you won’t be able to explore the different prices on the flight for different dates in that case, and you will be stuck with a few options only to select from.
  • Call for assistance: Call the Aeromexico customer support team, who will help you get in touch with their assistant, who will help you find the cheapest and the best flight for you, depending on your preferences.

How Can I Contact Aeromexico for Easter Sale Discounts?

To talk to Aeromexico regarding their Easter Sale discounts, you can contact their customer care department, which will help you reach Aeromexico’s agent directly, who is well-equipped and professionally trained to deal with the customer’s queries. You can rely on their advice because they are best at their jobs.

Aeromexico offers different ways through which passengers can get in contact with their customer care department. You can opt for live chat, social media, mobile app or many other sources to get detailed information related to the Aeromexico Easter Sale.

Different Discounts Available in Aeromexico Easter Sale

Aeromexico is glad to introduce the very special Aeromexico Easter Sale for its passengers, which will enable travellers to enjoy different types of discounts, offers and deals on their flight purchases. Book an affordable flight this Easter for you and your family with the Aeromexico Easter Sale. 

Look at the type of discounts that you may find in the Aeromexico Easter Sale:

  • Discounts on business class tickets: We all know that there are no cancellation and name change fees charged to business class seat passengers. But this Easter, you can book business-class services at a comparatively lower price.
  • Group travel discounts: Booking a flight for a group can be beneficial because Aeromexico often offers group travel discounts in their Sales. You can book a ticket for ten or more passengers on the same flight for the same date to get this booking done.
  • Round-trip tickets: One of the biggest discounts can be seen on the Round-trip tickets booked by the passengers. Whether you are booking your flight for a domestic or international destination, remember to book a round-trip ticket to get the maximum discount.
  • Percentage discounts: There is a high possibility for the passengers to get some percentage of the total amount of your expenses cut down as a part of your discounts. 


Aeromexico Airlines has always prioritized the passengers’ interests first, and that is why it has always come up with some customer-friendly deals and offers by which its passengers can get the maximum benefits on their travel expenses. The reason for this is that they are soon announcing the Aeromexico Easter Sale 2024, in which they will provide different types of discounts and deals to their customers.

You can read all the information related to the Aeromexico Easter Sale above, and in addition to that, if you still are confused about their discounts or have any further queries, you can contact Aeromexico’s customer care department, where you can communicate your query and the agent will provide you with a suitable solution.

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