Avianca Airlines Easter Sale 2024


Avianca Airlines Easter Sale is excited to announce its Easter Sale for 2024. If you are also excited to get all the benefits from the airlines on your flight booking and services purchase, then you must look at the information mentioned below, where we have outlined all the methods used to grab the deals, tips, and tricks to get the cheaper easter flight and other related information.

You can try communicating with Avianca Airlines customer services through their phone number where they will help you find the best deals on your flight bookings to your preferences.

How do you grab Avianca Airlines’ Easter sale?

Avianca Airlines Easter Sale is going to be released in a few days now, and if you are someone who wants to grab a good deal first to save your money, then you can look at the sources below where you will be able to get the information about their Sale first:

Phone call: Contact Avianca Airlines at their phone number, which you can easily find on their official website. This number is available to all of Avianca’s customers. It can be difficult for the passengers to find a good deal on Avianca’s flight and book it themself; in that case, they can call the given number and get suitable assistance from the talented agent.

Social media account: You can reach Avianca Airlines through their social media platforms, where the passengers can easily get notified about the newly released or soon-to-be-released sales, schemes, deals, and discounts on their flights and services. The airline will surely post about their Sale and other details related to it on their social media accounts. 

Here is the link to Avianca Airlines social media accounts:




Subscribe to Avianca Airlines Newsletter: Look for the option of subscribing to Avianca Airlines’ newsletter, where passengers can get all the up-to-date news about the airline’s sales and schemes. You just have to enter your email and your last name, along with some required information. After adding all these necessary details, you will be able to get all the latest news about the discounts and deals with Avianca Airlines.

Mobile App: You need to install the Avianca Airlines mobile app on your devices. After which, you will have to sign in to it with your Avianca account Because Avianca mostly launches its flash deals on the mobile apps first, which will make you one of the first ones to get notified about the limited-time offer.

Avianca Airlines Easter 2024 Sale Dates Released

You all will be glad to know that Avianca Airlines is going to release its Easter Sale on 13 March 2024, which will last till 31 March 2024. During this period, you will be able to get all the flights and services with Avianca at a discounted price and can get a cheaper rate on your purchase.

You can call Avianca Airlines’ customer services to get in touch with a live agent at Avianca Airlines, who will find a good flight for them according to their preferences. You can ask them to book a flight for you, which they will do for you without causing any inconvenience for you.

Avianca Airlines Easter Sale Spotlight on Top Destinations

Avianca Airlines flies to multiple destinations, and it provides the best in-flight services to all its passengers, irrespective of their seats and class. But this Easter, Avianca Airlines is giving you an opportunity to disclose a special deal on their flight purchases and booking of their services. 

We have listed Avianca Airlines Easter Sale’s top destination:

  • Guatemala City: Easter in Guatemala is known as “Semana Santa”; it is celebrated with vibrant religious ceremonies, intricate street carpets made of coloured sawdust, etc.
  • Mexico City: Easter is celebrated with colourful decorations and traditional food called “Capirotada.” Differences come together in each special Easter meal, and beach celebrations are also common.
  • New York: Events like the Easter parade with 50 Avenue, vibrant Easter egg hunts in parks, and special brunches at restaurants are usually done in New York to celebrate Easter.
  • Rome: Easter is celebrated with grand religious ceremonies like the Pope’s Easter Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica during Easter. Visitors can witness a rich blend of religious and cultural traditions against the backdrop of historic landmarks.

How do you get Cheap Easter Flights on Avianca Airlines?

Try getting a cheap Easter flight on Avianca Airlines during the Avianca Airlines Easter Sale by following the steps below:

  • Visit to find any Easter Day sale promotions. You can also look for discounts on flights to Columbia during the Easter period.
  • Try using various travel websites to find the best deals by comparing prices. Websites like and Skyscanner offer comparison tools to help you find the lowest prices on flights.
  • Book your flight as soon as possible to secure the best price on your preferred flight. The optimal time to book is generally 45-60 days before your flight departure.
  • Try to be flexible with your travel dates; you can look for last-minute deals and the cheapest price and return tickets.
  • Apply the promo codes available on Avianca Airlines’ official website to get discounted prices on your flight purchase.

How Can I Contact Avianca Airlines for Easter sale discounts?

Talk to the live agent of Avianca Airlines to get all the detailed information about Avianca Airlines Easter Sale. Try reaching out to the customer services department of the airline through various channels like phone numbers, live chat, social media and many more. Calling them is considered one of the best ways to seek assistance.

The agents on this number are qualified enough to help you regarding your issues and queries because Avianca Airlines has specially trained their agents to deal with each and every query of their customers related to itinerary challenges. If you have any doubts or queries related to Avianca Airlines Easter Sale, you must not hesitate to call their customer service number to seek assistance from their dedicated department.

Different Discounts Available in Avianca Airlines Easter Sale

Book a wonderful trip to your favourite destination with the Avianca Airlines Easter Sale. If you are a money saver, then here is your chance to save some money on your favourite vacation expenses: Avianca Airlines Easter Sale is coming up with great discounts and exclusive deals on passengers’ airfares. 

Here are a few discounts that you can expect to see during the Avianca Airlines Easter Sale:

Promo discounts: Look for the promo codes and discount coupons on the official website of Avianca Airlines, which will be applicable on the flight purchase during the Avianca Airlines Easter Sale. Using these codes can help you get discounted prices on your travel expenses.

Flash deals: Many times, the discounts are only available for a limited time; this type of discount will help you get reduced prices on your flight and airline expenses for a particular period only.

Seat selection discount: During the Sale, if you want to select a seat for yourself, then you can take advantage of the extra discounts on seat selection by the airlines.

Early booking discounts: Book your flight in advance to get the best prices on your flight because booking ahead of time can assure you a ticket at comparatively lower prices.


If you are an Avianca Airlines passenger, then you must catch the Avianca Airlines Easter Sale, which will help you secure a flight ticket at a discounted price because the airline is coming with some very special deals and exclusive discounts this year on their Easter Sale.

Those who are interested in this Sale can check all the information related to the discounts, deals, and other related information to grab the maximum benefit out of this Sale. If doubts and confusion persist, then you can try to contact Avianca Airlines customer services, which will help you get in touch with the airline’s agent, who will assist you regarding all your queries from a reliable agent.

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